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Translating is art. Our team of translators comprises experts with years of experience in translating, who rely on a number of CAT tools in their work. They diligently respond to every client’s request and strive to satisfy all their expectations.
We offer our services in more than 80 languages and translate texts from the field of finances, law, economy, mechanical engineering, medicine, automotive, IT texts, etc. We can, therefore, guarantee high quality translations of advertising brochures and leaflets, instructions for use, technical specifications, websites, contracts, catalogues, annual reports, etc.
Our project managers will listen to your every wish and prepare a quote as quickly as possible.


Nothing is more important than an extra pair of eyes. The proofreader is an important part of every project. They will check the grammatical accuracy along with the adequacy of the translation, thereby assuring its quality. Proofreading is done as part of the translation process or ensured as a separate service.

Translations certified by a court interpreter

Certified translations are done by a court interpreter appointed by the court. This type of translation consists of the original and the translated text certified with a seal and a signature, by which the court interpreter guarantees that the translation is authentic.


Equipment rental

We offer the possibility of hiring equipment for simultaneous translation or group voice guidance (booths, headsets, microphones, sound systems and the like).
For the entire event we also ensure technical support and additional professional assistance.


Language school

Today’s motto is: “The more languages you know, the more you are human!”

In this modern age, the knowledge of foreign languages is of extreme importance. The more languages one speaks, the more opportunities one has. Knowing a foreign language is essential when applying for a job, going on business trips, holidays and elsewhere.

At our language school we offer the following courses:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Hungarian
  • Slovenian (for foreigners)

Language courses include learning a foreign language at a chosen level, which corresponds to the level of the officially accepted language scale. We will make it our task to help you learn your chosen foreign language quickly and efficiently.


There are three different kinds of interpreting:

Simultaneous interpreting

This kind of interpreting is carried out simultaneously without delay, i.e. with the delay of no more than a sentence. The speaker’s text is translated simultaneously, whereas the whole process is carried out in a special room with conference equipment in which two translators translate the text as the listeners listen to the translator via headphones. Simultaneous translation is suitable when the listeners are mostly listening without having to interact with the speaker. Lectures are a good example of this.


Consecutive interpreting

This type of interpreting allows delayed translation. After the speaker has finished saying a part of the text, they wait for the translator to translate it into the target language. In this case, the translator is standing/sitting next to the speaker. Units of translated text are usually several sentences long.
Consecutive interpreting is more suitable if the speaker and the listener are constantly interacting, i.e. the listener asks questions and answers the speaker’s questions. It is carried out in one language pair.


Whispered interpreting

In this type of interpreting the translator is seated next to the listener and whispers the translated text to them. It is suitable for a group of no more than three listeners.

Translating and proofreading

Every translation is a separate project, regardless of whether it consists of one page or several hundreds of pages.

Therefore, individual approach and processing are important.

Contact us and we will create a price quote for you.

For an informative price, please use our calculator.

Translating from Slovenian into a foreign language
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Translating from a foreign language into Slovenian
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The price, VAT excluded, is: 0.00 €
The price, VAT included, is: 0.00 €

What the customers say about us:

"We have been cooperating with PreTeks externally since 2007. PreTeks provides us with translation services mainly from English into Slovenian but also others.

Our cooperation has always been very efficient and reliable. PreTeks always delivers high quality translations on time and we are confident that our cooperation will continue."

Jiří Neužil, Branch Manager
Aspena s.r.o.

Quality matters to us

“For the successful realization of a cross-border workshop we required the service of simultaneous translation. Today, when we are all pressed for time, a QUICK RESPONSE is of great importance, PROFESSIONALISM is the basis for success, and PERSONAL APPROACH is secretly hoped for by each customer.

We have found all that in Preteks. We were extremely satisfied with their services (interpreting and equipment rental). We will for sure continue cooperating with them!”

Tatjana Kupnik, director
Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, Regional Chamber of Koroška

Professional and scientific texts

“Preteks d.o.o. has translated and proofread for us a number of professional texts as well as some scientific articles into Slovenian, English, German and Croatian.

We were extremely pleased with the quality of their services, but what is particularly important for us is their quick response to each inquiry.”

Teodora Petraš, MD
Director of the Institute of Public Health of Murska Sobota



Preteks d.o.o. is a translation company founded in 2007. With their offices in Lendava (Slovenia) and Nedelišće (Croatia), the company offers translation, proofreading and interpretation (simultaneous and consecutive) services as well as the possibility of hiring equipment for simultaneous interpreting events and other conference techniques. We can also provide a translation certified by a court interpreter.

We mostly translate into languages of the former Yugoslavia (Slovenian, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, Montenegrin, Macedonian and Albanian), but we also translate into other languages of Southeast Europe (Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian) as well as Ukrainian and Russian. Our overall offer covers more than 80 different language combinations. This way we can offer our clients the best possible support.

Preteks d.o.o. cooperates with end clients as well as a number of translation agencies both regionally and worldwide.

Preteks d.o.o. is a member of the Association of Translation Companies of Slovenia, which is part of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce – Chamber of Business and Service Activities; it is also a member of the Pomurje Chamber of Commerce. 
To all those wanting to learn a foreign language, we offer language courses. We should not forget about the little ones, for whom we organize ‘play sessions’ and summer language camps.




Presentation video of Preteks d.o.o. translation company

The Preteks team consists of competent individuals who are committed to their work and will always be ready to assist you.

Meet the Preteks team

Alen Dominić

Denis Furek

Simona Glavač
Project Manager

Adrijana Koroša
Head of Translators/QA Manager

Timea Gönc
Project Manager/Business Development Manager

Ingrid Vida Berden

Ivana Petković
Head of Office in Croatia

Leon Pamič
Marketing Manager

Martin Laksar

Tadej Doma
Project Manager

Tanja Sukič



Slovenian Office
Preteks d.o.o.
Glavna ulica 23
9220 Lendava

T: +386 599 45 404
T: +386 599 34 652
M: +386 70 346 821
M: +386 70 231 811
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Croatian Office
Preteks d.o.o.
Zagrebačka 30
42000 Varaždin

T: +385 42 209 812
M: +385 95 824 1501
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Contact us for a free quote: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In case you would like to cooperate with us, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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